Triggered Drum Light: Breadboarding and Testing.

March 12th, 2010 Posted in Triggered Drum Light

Once I had the parts, and once I could clear The Mole off the breadboard, I got started on prototyping the Triggered Drum Light.

Since the schematic was fairly simple I breezed through things, using jumper wires to hook up the LED, which was actually the trickiest part of the whole project, since the contact pads on the light were so irregular.

As you can see, things worked awesome (aside from me having The Mole on my mind and calling it a “Light Sensitive Drum Trigger”, granted that would be pretty cool too). This is using a small piezo element as a trigger (taped to the drum head), but I was able to plug in a Roland PD-6 drum pad and that worked just as well.  There are two potentiometers on this, one for sensitivity and one for pulse length.  The pulse length works great, but I was having a little difficulty with sensitivity, as anything less than “most sensitive” yielded sporadic results.  I left it in anyway, as I didn’t know how it would perform with the kick trigger, and it would be easier to take it out down the road rather than add it back in.

Next step is working on the board layout and getting this thing soldered to a PCB.

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