Triggered Drum Light: Transfer to PCB and Initial Casing

March 20th, 2010 Posted in Triggered Drum Light

Much like The Mole, I wanted a detailed diagram of this drum light’s board layout before I started soldering (I still consider myself a newb, and a schematic alone wasn’t going to be enough for me.  So much like The Mole, I started laying things out in Visio.

My original intention was to use the other board that came in the package for The Mole (it came as two 1 3/4″x1 3/4″ boards with a perforation in the middle), but I couldn’t get everything to fit on the board without having some janky in-line components.  Being an impatient guy and not wanting to wait for an on-line PCB order to arrive, I ran up to Rat Shack and bought a slightly larger board measuring 1 7/8″x2 7/8″ (Part No. 276-150).  It had plenty of buses for me to run the project on, the only unfortunate thing is that I still only needed half of this board.  Luckily it’s still small enough to fit in a lot of smaller enclosures.

(Click Image for Larger View)

So I had a layout made, it was now time to get soldering.

I spent about 3 hours meticulously soldering part after part onto the PCB, stopping a few times to clean up solder messes I had made.  When it was done, I hooked up power, hooked up the trigger, switched the power on…

And there was nothing.

I started pouring over every solder point, making sure all components were soldered in nice and good and that my solder sloppiness didn’t create a short. Everything looked good.  Swapped out 1/4″ cable on the trigger.  Nothing. Checked the battery and there was plenty of juice.  Started looking at parts again, and had a “DUH” moment. I forgot to put the 555 IC into the socket I had soldered into the board.  Put the chip in, and what do you know, it worked!

Since I wanted at least a temporary housing for this, when I was at Rat Shack I also picked up a plastic enclosure.  I drilled up some holes and put it in the box.

Here’s another test of the Light, this time with a rundown of controls.

Next step will be getting this mounted to the drum.

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