T1 Corruption: Breadboarding and Demo

May 1st, 2010 Posted in T1 Corruption

Since it has been a while since I put anything on the breadboard, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start working on the T1 Corruption. I found some time, and started tossing parts onto the board. I was working off of this schematic for the “Weird Sound Generator”, and unfortunately I wasn’t totally familiar with this style of schematic, but I worked through it, until I had something that seemed accurate.

I had to solder up the potentiometers, since none of them were using the third terminal. Fortunately for me, all of them double back on themselves to the middle terminal, so it was a simple soldering job.  However, when I turned the unit on, I got sound, but half of the potentiometers didn’t work, and it just didn’t sound like the samples I had seen on-line.  Since I had already been working on this for a while, I decided to set it aside and come back to it at a later point.

So a few days passed and I started troubleshooting.  After making sure none of the component’s leads were touching each other creating a short, I started comparing my layout to the schematic, and realized that A) my diode was reversed and B) a couple of my pots were wired to the board in reverse.  I fixed these, and power the thing on.  I had sound!

So the next step will be getting this on a PCB and figuring out how I’m going to stuff this into the old T1 Test unit.

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